We are an innovative, dynamic and socially responsible company determined to give a healthy food choice everywhere to everyone. Day by day we strive to offer compromise-free products that we give to our own children and a superb service to our clients along the supply chain.

What values do we hold on our way towards fulfillment of our mission:

    >>     Positive attitude – We believe that the smile is our best friend and we strive to build a positive work flow

    >>    Safe work environment – No night shifts, heated facilities, ventilation systems in the production areas

    >>     Healthy lifestyle – We are also fans the organic products we distribute and we consume them in our daily pursue of a healthier lifestyle.
             We makesure the commodities are pure and no animals have been harmed during their production

    >>     To offer and to consume environmentally friendly products that support the natural and non-violent way of life (for which production is not injured                animals).

Creativity and innovation – Not only in our products, but also in our work

    >>    Responsibility – For our customers (quality, reliability, safety), for our colleagues (openness, sincerity, support), for our society (safety, growth,                          support)

Open and honest communication

    >>    Tolerance and acceptance

    >>    In conformity with nature – We recycle the waste from the office and production facilities and strive for reduction of garbage and fuel

We strictly follow 5S Quality policies in our organisation

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